Jekyll & Hyde CLOZE Chapter Summaries

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It’s been a while! Here are chapter summaries for each chapter of Jekyll & Hyde. There is also a CLOZE version, if you’d prefer to use that as a consolidation after reading. I find that by going through what happens in each chapter before we read it, the language becomes slightly less terrifying for the students! These are also a useful way of reviewing/recapping what has happened after you’ve read. You’ll find these as a PowerPoint file so you can use/edit as fit.

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Jekyll and Hyde CLOZE Chapter Summaries

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Power & Conflict Revision Workbook

I feel like I’ve been very absent from escapadesinteaching – I have practically lost myself down the NQT rabbit hole and as a result, this has fallen by the way side. However, I have (half) created a revision booklet for the Power & Conflict anthology. There are a number of resources in here that have been posted previously such as the poetry flowchart response and the poetry structure strips as well as the flashcards alongside some extra bits and pieces that may be of interest.

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Power & Conflict Revision Booklet

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Power and Conflict Paper Chains

I’ve been inspired by Twinkl who created some paper chain poetry activities and thought they would be perfect for revising Power & Conflict. At my school, we use PEACE paragraphs to structure student responses: Point, Evidence, Analysis, Context, Evaluate. These paper chains create example PEACE paragraphs. Once students complete their PEACE paragraph chain they can go and get a comparison/link chain to connect poems together. You could also leave these blank for pupils to write their own & extend the challenge.

I posted these casually on Twitter but lots of people have asked for them so here you go!

Paper Chains Download


Paper Chains

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An Inspector Calls – Christmas Bingo Card!

I wanted to give my Year 10 students some work to complete over the Christmas holidays but equally nothing too strenuous. I am asking my students to complete at least two of these tasks and then encouraging them to do more by giving them some prizes for a line/full house! Mostly, I wanted this to provide some contextual background to the play before we begin studying it in the new year.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 13.06.02.png

You can find the Bingo Christmas Card here. It’s editable too! Enjoy & share away.

Creative Writing: Christmas Edition

Here is a creative writing lesson inspired by the BBC Christmas advert! I initially planned this for my bottom set Year 8s so it may well need some adaptation.

Merry December…

Christmas Creative Writing Lesson


Christmas Creative Writing

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Black History Month – Tutor Time PowerPoint

October is Black History Month and so as my first year being a tutor (and an NQT) I really wanted to address it in a meaningful way with the students!

Sadly, I ran a Twitter poll (which I know is in no way totally accurate or representative) but at the time of writing this, the overwhelming majority of people weren’t doing anything for Black History Month in their schools!

We have ‘circle time’ once a week with our tutees so I was planning on spending two weeks on this. I wanted to use the PowerPoint in the first week and then set them off on a mini homework to research a black figure (current or historical) and create a poster/be ready to present what they’ve found out the following week.

I feel really strongly about including more black figures within our curriculum but also within our daily conversations with pupils. I think this is a fantastic way to engage students into some independent research whilst also promoting Black History Month in such a way that isn’t merely a token gesture.

Check the notes to read through how the slides can be used.

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Black History Month PowerPoint