Structure Strips – Language Paper 2, Question 5

I saw these on Twitter (are you recognising a trend on this blog?) and thought they looked fabulous. I haven’t yet tried them out but I think they will work really well. As of September, I will be teaching Year 10 and taking them through the GCSE course so naturally I freaked myself out and scoured Twitter for resources. I found lots of variants on the structure strips as seen here:



I initially found them on Amjad’s website which has lots of great ideas which you can find here.

I saw how lots of people had decided to customise these strips and so I did the same. I have created structure strips for GCSE English Language, Paper 2, Question 5. Thus far, I have designed them/tweaked them for a newspaper article and a speech. They shouldn’t take too much editing to cover the article, leaflet or essay forms.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 09.09.00.png


You can find them on Dropbox from this link here.


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