Speaking and Listening Endorsement Workbook (AQA)

Hi! It feels like such a long time since I have posted anything on here but an exciting opportunity has arisen which reminded me that I have a blog! Anyone who reads this will know it is mostly a platform for sharing resources but I will be sharing some longer posts about teaching & learning ideas I’ve been using in my classroom so watch this space…for now though, I have a new resource to share!


My Year 10s are currently preparing for their first mock exam in English but we are also doing the Speaking and Listening Endorsements very soon. Within our department, there are a range of approaches to this task such as:

  • Room 101
  • Presentation of a poem from the anthology
  • Presentation of a chapter from a text we’ve studied

Or more openly, any topic of their choice. I’ve decided to let my Year 10s loose on the task and choose something that they feel passionate about. So far we have: Black Lives Matter; mental health & young people; the importance of Black Panther being released; #MeToo campaign; school shootings in America; ‘my aspirations and goals for the future’; and gun & knife crime in our city. I cannot wait to hear these young people speak passionately about something they believe in and feel passionately about.


As the S&L endorsement doesn’t carry any weight and we are preparing for our mock exam and I’ve lost so many lessons due to other mocks taking place, the booklet I’ve designed is for students to complete independently at home. I have set certain deadlines to make sure they are progressing with the tasks but other than that, it is down to them.


The final page of the booklet is for them to deliver their speech to someone at home. I think this is going to be a really powerful moment for a lot of my young people, and I can’t wait to see their work.


Download for the workbook for free by clicking here.


OPTIONAL PAYMENT: Speaking & Listening Workbook

This resource is free. However, if you would like to give any money to help me cover the running of the website, it would be gratefully received. Thank you!



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