Journey to the River Sea

This is a new novel that we are going to be using with Year 7 in the Autumn Term. I will be teaching this to a lower attaining group. As such, I think some of the language will be challenging for them.

After seeing Mr. Pink’s vocabulary sheets for pupils with various activities to consolidate understanding:

I felt inspired to use a similar format for this novel. Therefore, I have created vocabulary sheets for pupils to complete as homework prior to our reading in order to clarify understanding and boost their vocabulary. These will then be complemented through class work and guidance.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 11.21.33.png

For ease & adaptability, I have divided the sheets by chapter. However, the file is editable so please feel free to change it up to suit your needs.

Building Independence

I feel very strongly about creating independent learners from the get go and it has been one of the elements of my teaching that has been praised throughout my training year. I’ve purposefully designed these sheets with this in mind by encouraging students to use their own spelling strategies. For some that may be creating word art or stories (I’m going to be writing a post about spelling strategies for pupils very soon!) so it puts the onus on cross-curricular strategies rather than variable adaptations from teacher-to-teacher which the student relies on.

You can find the link to the vocabulary sheets here.