Power and Conflict Paper Chains

I’ve been inspired by Twinkl who created some paper chain poetry activities and thought they would be perfect for revising Power & Conflict. At my school, we use PEACE paragraphs to structure student responses: Point, Evidence, Analysis, Context, Evaluate. These paper chains create example PEACE paragraphs. Once students complete their PEACE paragraph chain they can go and get a comparison/link chain to connect poems together. You could also leave these blank for pupils to write their own & extend the challenge.

I posted these casually on Twitter but lots of people have asked for them so here you go!

Paper Chains Download


Paper Chains

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Power & Conflict Revision Cards

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 15.36.44

This is an idea I got following an INSET where various departments shared action research/lesson studies that had been conducted over the course of the academic year. The Science department had been using these very successfully with students to consolidate understanding on various topics and simultaneously create revision tools.

I decided to trial these with my Year 10 group over the summer term and they worked really well as a homework or as a consolidation task at the end of the lesson. They can then be laminated and turned into valuable revision resources.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 15.37.44.png

Each slide has 4 key quotes which in most, if not all, cases cover the bases of language, form, structure, theme/context.

You can download the powerpoint which contains all 15 poems from this link here.

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