Introductory Lessons

It seems that I was unaware that introductory lessons were a bit like marmite. People seem to either love them or hate them. I have to say that I err on the side of love for this one. Especially as a young, new and somewhat naïve teacher, I think they are a fantastic way to get to know the students & promote reading in the classroom at the same time. They can also directly feed into your SoW for those who may feel it is a waste of a lesson otherwise.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 15.00.33.png

I personally like to take a ‘My Life in Books’ approach to these introductory lessons. They allow you to share as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable doing so. They allow pupils to tell you as much or as little about themselves as they feel comfortable doing so. It also doesn’t waste any lesson time as it is still encouraging pupils to think about English/literature/reading as a wider area of the curriculum. What could be better? Probably a lot of things but this is just one idea!

If you would like to use this, you can find my powerpoint on Dropbox from this link here.